2021 Competition - This year’s Street Fayre competitions are all in miniature.

Competitions are free to enter, you can see your entry displayed on Church Wind or in the church during the fayre, and you could win a prize! (Rosettes awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries plus a small prize for 1st place).

Find your age group below and see which competitions you can enter. Remember there is an adult and child team category for some competitions Please use the school year you have just finished, not the one you will be starting!

  • A—Children not yet at school
  • B—Reception to Year 2
  • C—Year 3 to Year 6
  • D—Adult and Child Team (1 adult/1 child up to and including school year 6)
  1. Colour the Mini-Beast Scene. Pictures can be downloaded from the street fayre website or collected from school/outside 5 Gale Road. (Age groups A and B)
  2. Mini Matchbox House. Create a mini house using one of the matchboxes available to collect from school/outside 5 Gale Road. Decorate the outside of the matchbox to show how your house looks from the outside and decorate the inner section to show one or more of the rooms. It could be a townhouse, country cottage, a caravan or even a superhero lair—the choice is yours! (Age groups B and C)
  3. Poem in miniature. Try your hand at composing a Haiku poem about Alne Street Fayre. Haiku poems, originating in Japan, are very short in length and follow a specific pattern of syllables: 5 in the first line, 7 in the second, 5 in the last. Go to the street fayre website to see some examples! (Age group C )
  4. Mini Celebration Cakes. Make and decorate 3 cupcakes for a special occasion! Cakes will be judged purely on presentation and may be displayed on a decorated plate for added interest. Adult help may be given with the baking for age groups B and C. (Age groups B,C and D)
  5. Miniature Superhero. Transform one of the blank wooden figures (available to collect from school/outside 5 Gale Road) into a mini superhero using paints, pens, fabric or anything else you can think of. It could be a well-known character or you could invent your own! Write a few sentences to explain who your super hero is and what their super powers are. (Age Groups B and C)
  6. Miniature Garden. Create a miniature garden in a plant pot saucer, seed tray or other suitable container. You may use real plants and soil, or you could use other materials such as pebbles, sand, fabric and tin foil to create your landscape. Characters may also be added if you wish. Containers should be no bigger than 40 cm in width/depth or diameter. (Age groups B, C and D)

Important bits.......please read!

  1. Entries should be brought to St Mary’s Church in Alne on Saturday 4th Sept, If you will be unable to deliver entries on that day, please get in touch with Helen (details below) to make alternative arrangements.
  2.  All entries will be displayed on Church Wind/in the Church for the duration of the Street Fayre.
  3. Please make sure your name, school year and competition category number are clearly marked on your entry.
  4. The judge’s decision is final. Children’s entries should be all their own creation, except in the adult and child categories.
  5. Prizes will be awarded on the day and can be collected from the Church at 4.30pm.
  6. All entries should be collected from the Church between 4.30-5pm on the day of the Street Fayre


If you have any queries about the competitions, please contact - Helen Dawson ([email protected], or call 838582).

Competition 1 -  mini-beast scene PDF. 

Competition 3 - examples