2023 Competitions

                                                                                                    Alne Street Fayre 2023

                                                                                      Sunday 11th June   12.00—4.30 pm

                                                                                                 Children’s Competitions

This year’s Street Fayre competitions are story-themed
Competitions are free to enter, you can see your entry displayed on Church Wind or in the church during the fayre, and you could win a prize! (Rosettes awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries plus a small prize for 1st place).
Find your age group below and see which competitions you can enter.
Remember there is an adult and child team category for some competitions
A—Children not yet at school
B—Reception to Year 2
C—Year 3 to Year 6
D—Adult and Child Team (1 adult/1 child up to and including school year 6)

1. Colour the scene. Pictures can be downloaded from the street fayre website or collected from Alne school/outside 5 Gale Road. (Age groups A and B)

2. Mosaic caterpillar. Our tribute to the classic story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Use the caterpillar template to create a colourful mosaic. Stick on cut up pieces of paper or other materials to make a caterpillar that really stands out! Templates can be collected from Alne school/outside 5 Gale Road. (Age groups A, B and C)

3. Book Cover. Design a new book cover for your favourite book. Draw an eye- catching picture for the front and if you are in age group C, also write a short ’blurb’ for the back. Use one sheet of A4 paper or card, folded in half. If you wish, the blurb can be typed on a computer and printed out/stuck on. The front picture should be hand-drawn. (Entries in age group B will be judged purely on the front cover, age group C on the front and back) (Age groups B and C)

4. Shoe Box Scene. Create a scene from one of your favourite stories inside a shoe box (or other small cardboard box). Add characters if you wish - make your own, or blank wooden characters can be collected from Alne school/outside 5 Gale Road - maximum of 3 per person! (Age Groups B and C and D)

5. Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Bake and decorate some cupcakes fit to be served at the Mad Hatter’s tea party. Any suitable recipe may be used. Cakes will be judged purely on presentation. Choose your best 4 to display on a decorated plate. (Adult help may be given with the baking in age group C.)
(Age groups C and D)

6. ‘Once upon a time there was........’ Continue the iconic story opener! This should be a short story (200-500 words) and can be either hand-written or typed. This entry is judged on content and not on presentation.
(Age group C)

Visit www.alnestreetfayre.co.uk for more information and find out what else will be going on at the Street Fayre in 2023.

Important bits.......please read!
1. Entries should be brought to St Mary’s Church in Alne by Saturday 10th June,
Alternatively, please take into school by Friday 9th.
2. All entries will be displayed on Church Wind/in the Church for the duration of the Street Fayre.
3. Please make sure your name, school year and competition category number are clearly marked on your entry.
4. The judge’s decision is final. Children’s entries should be all their own creation, except in the adult and child categories.
5. Prizes will be awarded on the day and can be collected from the Church at 4.30pm.
6. All entries should be collected from the Church between 4.30-5pm on the day of the Street Fayre.
7. The names of prize winners will be displayed on the Street Fayre website
If you have any queries about the competitions, please contact
Helen Dawson ([email protected], or call 838582).

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